Girl, 8, crowned UK’s messiest child of 2021 as you can’t see any carpet in her room


The young girl from Glasgow has been crowned the messiest child in the UK after a nationwide hunt was launched by Happy Beds, and now the eight-year-old has won a prize

A young girl has been crowned the UK’s messiest child of 2021 – and in picture evidence you can’t see any carpet in her room.

Eight-year-old Emily from Glasgow has been named the messiest child in the UK after a nationwide competition was launched by Happy Beds.

They offered a prize worth £400 to any parent who could prove that their child had the least tidy room, and Emily’s dad Steve jumped at the chance to win.

After reviewing the evidence, experts at Happy Beds agreed that Emily had beaten over 100 other entries and was indeed the messiest child of 2021.

Steve said: “My daughter Emily, unfortunately, treats her room like more of a changing room and spends almost all her time in the family room instead – aren’t we lucky!

“Anytime tidying is enforced it takes no more than a week to revert back to looking like a bomb zone. I’m hoping a new bed inspires positive change and behaviour!”

Parents from across the UK entered the competition, sharing shocking pictures of their children’s messy bedrooms – with many showing toys and beds in total disarray.

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